Fall In Love With Our School Model

Heritage Preparatory School’s mission is to provide students with an academically challenging classical education that encourages them to develop a passion for learning and encourages academic, spiritual, emotional, and moral development.

Academic Excellence

The classical education framework teaches students to be thinkers, build character & integrity, and communicate with excellence.


Character is formed in the process of becoming who we are uniquely designed to be, reflections of God. Students at Heritage learn to love God.

Unique Educators

All teachers must pass
a detailed background
check and have a genuine
desire to love and work
with children.

Safe & Secure

Children get to experience joyful learning in a safe, caring and flexible environment. The safety, health and security of your child is our #1 priority.

Your Child
deserve the best!

Feeling insecure about where your child is attending school has become the new norm among parents. Our faculty and staff are committed to building your child’s character, faith, and intelligence through a classical education framework. Rest assured that your child is receiving the best possible education in a safe, caring environment.


Classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts. The liberal arts are the universal linguistic and mathematical skills students need to excel in every area of life. A mastery of both is the best way to prepare a child for a life of wisdom and virtue, and Heritage Prep’s comprehensive and accessible classical Christian curriculum provides the tools for mastering these two essential elements of education.

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Your children will be encouraged to follow their natural curiosity as they develop new skills, build their confidence and celebrate accomplishments.

Elementary School (1-5)

Your child will enjoy learning in ways that are engaging, inspiring, and encouraging to begin their love of learning.

Middle School (6-8)

Students are empowered to think on their own while understanding the world around them and their place in it.

What we offer at Heritage Prep
Interested in starting a Heritage Campus?

Your child will have the best private education in Houston for a fraction compared to other schools in the area.


Acres of parkland

surround our school


Partnerships with Private Sector, Colleges and Universities around the country to bring exclusive certifications to your child.

SIBLINGS PROMOTION: Get $100 OFF monthly tuition fee per additional child.
Sibling tuition is $650/mo.

A Christ-centered culture acknowledges and puts into practice the sovereignty of God, the authority of the Word of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit in all of life.

Heritage Preparatory does not seek to divide life or education into spiritual and secular compartments, but rather acknowledges that all truth is God’s truth and all learning is an effort to relate to God, self, others, and the created world.