Why You Must Choose Heritage Preparatory School? | Founders Message

Message From Our Founders

Welcome to Heritage Preparatory School

Ann and I are thrilled you have chosen to explore the opportunities and the many possibilities available to your child at Heritage Preparatory School. We realize that a parent’s choice of schooling for their child is one most important decisions a parent will make.

Our Heritage Prep staff has created an award-winning academic program focused on equipping our children for a lifetime of success. The HPS staff are esteemed teachers who have been shaping the hearts and minds of students for more than two decades.

Each of our teachers, coaches, and administrators at HPS is committed to preparing our students to be leaders, influencers, and warriors for Jesus Christ. We believe in equipping each student thoroughly. While our faculty members are professionally accomplished, their passionate pursuit of the calling of God in their profession is what is so exciting.

Each of them is committed to training every student to identify their God-given giftedness. At HPS, we have great joy in partnering with our parents to shape our student(s) by providing them with educational opportunities to achieve greatness. We are committed to helping your student(s) embrace and grow in their giftedness on their journey from childhood to adulthood.

Few things are more exciting than walking the halls of our campus and experiencing the enthusiasm of our students. Our campus is filled with students who are excited about learning, eager to participate, and enthusiastic about living in an authentic Christian community. By partnering with parents for academic excellence, we believe that our children will enjoy a lifetime of achievements in learning. At Heritage Preparatory School, our growth tracks produce robust, accomplished, character-driven, Spirit-filled scholars. We aim to see each student maximize their potential in service to others and the glory of God. We aim to see HPS become an academic beacon of innovation and servant leadership for scholars.

 Rev. Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II & Ann Hutchins, Founders