Heritage Preparatory School Curriculum

Our school leaders work closely with each student, individually planning their course schedule each year. The Heritage Preparatory School Curriculum does not work on a “cookie-cutter” system where students are placed in a specific class solely due to their current grade level.

Classical Christian education is a time-tested educational system which establishes a biblical worldview incorporates methods based on natural phases of child development, cultivates Christian virtues, trains students in reasoning through the Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages, and engages children in “the great conversation” through the historical Great Books. Grammar teaches students how language was structured, logic how to use language in the construction of valid arguments, and rhetoric how language could be used for the purpose of persuasion.

The curriculum has an early focus on the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic and a special emphasis on Latin. Latin is the best way to gain an academic vocabulary, to learn the formal system of grammar, and is, along with math, the best early critical thinking skills training. The curriculum’s study of the cultures of Athens and Rome, as well as Biblical and Church history, is designed to provide a basis for a proper understanding of European and American history.

How does the study of Latin benefit a student?

  • Expands and significantly enhances the student’s English vocabulary
  • Solidifies student’s knowledge of the structure of English Grammar
  • Mastery of English results in increased SAT and test scores
  • Latin is the matriarchal tongue of the romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian)
  • Aids students that choose to study other languages

What defines the curriculum? How might literature selections look different in a classical school?

  • Great literature is studied, books which have proven themselves by their beauty, depth, and shaping influence over many years
  • By studying the great books, students are learning from the masters
  • Subjects currently include math, science, history, geography, Bible, English grammar, literature, composition, penmanship, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, critical thinking, logic, philosophy, theology, art, and music, plus Latin or Greek for grades 3 and above. The curriculum has been approved by HPS board members and classical education advisors. The curriculum will be examined, expanded on and updated annually.



We equip our students with a college-preparatory, academic education, in a personalized and stimulating environment, which enables them to become independent, creative thinkers.

Primary (Pre-K & Kinder)

Your children will be encouraged to follow their natural curiosity as they develop new skills, build their confidence and celebrate accomplishments.

Grammar Stage (1-5)

Your child will enjoy learning in ways that are engaging, inspiring, and encouraging to begin their love of learning.

Logic Stage (6-8)

Students are empowered to think on their own while understanding the world around them and their place in it.