Heritage Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Program is a vital tool that helps us to welcome a diversity of perspectives and experiences within the Heritage community, so the school can best reflect our multicultural and socioeconomically diverse city. Heritage’s Financial Aid Program offers support to qualified families who cannot afford the full tuition; it is available for students in Nursery through 12th Grade. Financial Aid is need-based; awards are made as a percentage of tuition. Financial Aid is also available toward the purchase of a student’s school laptop computer, domestic and international travel, and most Heritage AfterSchool programs. Each year, the Financial Aid Program grants more than $6 million in awards, which support 21% of Heritage students.

For all questions, contact Sarah Lafferty, Director of Lower School Admissions & Financial Aid and Karyn Delay, Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions & Financial Aid at finaid@heritageprephtx.com

– Reply “Yes” to the admissions application question, “Will your family be applying for Financial Aid?”

To be considered for aid, your admissions application must indicate that your family is applying for Financial Aid. (Please contact the Financial Aid office at finaid@heritageprephtx.com to obtain a fee-waiver code.)

-Complete a TADS Application

The TADS application is available at www.mytads.com. When you begin the TADS application, you will be given a username and password that will allow you to return to your application prior to submission. Detailed information about the application process and the financial evaluation of applications is available at www.tads.com. For questions, please contact TADS at help@tads.com.

You need to complete only one TADS application even if you have more than one child applying to Heritage or if your child(ren) is(are) applying to multiple schools that require a TADS application. Select Heritage Day School as one of the schools to which the TADS Financial Aid Summary Report will be sent. There is a single fee of $45 for submitting a TADS application, regardless of how many schools receive the Financial Aid Summary Report.

Please note that while there is a fee waiver for Heritage Admissions application, no fee waivers are granted for TADS applications.

All forms and documents are due by January 1, except the 2021 Federal Tax Return, which is due April 15, 2022.

-Submit Supporting Documents

In addition to the TADS application, TADS and Heritage require the following supporting documents:

  • 2020 Federal Tax Return (IRS 2019 Form 1040, W2s, and all supporting schedules)
  • 2021 Federal Tax Return (IRS 2020 Form 1040, W2s, and all supporting schedules)
  • 2020 and 2021 Partnership/sole proprietorship and/or corporate returns (if applicable)
  • A copy of each parent’s or guardians most recent pay
  • Documentation for all other sources of income (Social Security, public assistance, food stamps, unemployment compensation, child support, workers compensation, etc.)

All forms and documents are due by January 1st—except the 2021 Federal Tax Return, which is due by April 15, 2022.



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