Heritage Health & Security

The Heritage Preparatory School is dedicated to the emotional, physical and social well-being of every student. Our aim is for every student to live healthy, sage, productive, capable and responsible lives; also to be known and feel part of The Heritage community and to be valued for who they are as an individual.

In the secondary school, we encourage students to be enterprising, creative and independent, supporting them with effective transitions, positive learning experiences, and educational/career choices that lead to achieving economic wellbeing.


The role of the school nurse plays a crucial part of school life at Heritage and who work closely with the students and teachers. The School nurse provides a variety of services such as health education within schools, undertaking health interviews and advising on immunization programs.

The school nurse will also;

  • administer first aid and emergency care
  • collaborate with parents, staff and health care professionals regarding specific health concerns
  • coordinate and assist with school medical examination
  • maintain school health records
  • Co-ordinate and advise with Houston Health Authority school immunization programs


The Heritage Preparatory School provides a top Houston Extended Care Program for its students. Here at Heritage, we want to help and support working parents during their day by providing the best attention and care for our students at our Heritage Care Program. To see how our mission is embedded in this program, please read more below.

The Heritage Preparatory School provides a before and after school program for its students with the following objectives:

  • To keep students safe
  • To keep students active
  • To improve academics
  • To provide support for working parents.

Heritage Care is available starting at 7:00a.m. and after school care runs until 6:00 p.m. For students in 1st -8th grades, after school care includes a teacher-supervised homework room option, providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere to get homework completed in.


1. One Day Drop-In
2. As part of the “Extended Day” tuition package
3. As an add-on for Homework Room (afternoon, 3:30pm-5:00pm only) for 1st-8th grade

Please see the current tuition schedule for pricing.