HERITAGE Logic Stage (6-8)

The Heritage Logic Stage program offers every student intellectual and creative opportunities in an active learning environment, where adolescent development is understood and fully supported.

Building on the critical-thinking skills developed in the Lower School, our Logic Stage cultivates an ability to examine and understand complex concepts, investigate and build evidence, and present findings.

Preparing For The Future

Heritage Preparatory School in Houston prepares our 6th-8th graders for our demanding high school program. We blend traditional curriculum with innovative learning activities within a structured setting, helping students to balance freedom and responsibility as they navigate the exciting passage into young adulthood. Within the context of our academically accelerated program, teachers impart the principles of integrity, courtesy, and service to others through classroom instruction and group projects. This combination of advanced academics with character-building provides the foundation for later success in high school, college, and beyond.

A selection of core academic courses are offered each year with specific course selections made based on student demand, degree plan requirements and specific student needs.



We equip our students with a college-preparatory, academic education, in a personalized and stimulating environment, which enables them to become independent, creative thinkers.

Primary (Pre-K & Kinder)

Your children will be encouraged to follow their natural curiosity as they develop new skills, build their confidence and celebrate accomplishments.

Grammar Stage (1-5)

Your child will enjoy learning in ways that are engaging, inspiring, and encouraging to begin their love of learning.

Logic Stage (6-8)

Students are empowered to think on their own while understanding the world around them and their place in it.


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